Board of Directors


Our 2024 Board Members

  • Shantha Balaswamy – President
  • Jaya Baliga –Treasurer
  • Reena Dhanak – Secretary
  • Kirit Kapadia
  • Suvankar Senguptar
  • Saba Shujaat
  • Tanya Mathew

Asha Ray of Hope works to unite survivors, communities, and institutions to eradicate domestic violence as we work together to create strong and healthy communities. We use an integrated approach that combines support and empowerment through service delivery, community engagement, advocacy, and policy initiatives.
Asha-Ray of Hope is safe places for survivors of domestic abuse to receive help. Culturally appropriate and sensitive case management that is tailored to meet specific individual’s needs.

  • Empower each and every client
  • Advocate for client’s rights and uncover what resources are available to client

Call our helpline at 614-565-2918 or visit our office, if you or someone you know is experiencing abuse.