Domestic Violence Legal Help


Police Officers reporting to Scene of a Domestic Dispute are required by law to ask the following questions:

  1. Has he/she ever used a weapon against you or threatened you with a weapon?
  2. Has he/she threatened to kill you or your children?
  3. Do you think he/she might try to kill you?
  4. Does he/she have a gun or can he/she get one easily?
  5. Has he/she ever tried to choke you?
  6. Is he/she violently or constantly jealous or does he/she control most of your daily activities?
  7. Have you left him/her or separated after living together or being married?
  8. Is he/she unemployed?
  9. Has he/she ever tried to kill himself/herself?
  10. Do you have a child that he/she knows is not his/hers?
  11. Does he/she follow or spy on you or leave threatening messages?

Source: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Most of the laws relevant to domestic violence and sexual assault are based on state law. This includes: restraining or protection orders, divorce, custody, crimes, and more.

Here’s a link to a legal help manual that answers many questions survivors have: Ohio Domestic violence Network Legal Help Manual for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Protection Order Information

Custody Information

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